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Customer Stories
  • Xenia T.

    The Dailey Method at Newport Beach is perfect for building a ballet dancer’s body–without going all Natalie Portman in Black Swan!  Whether you grew up dancing or just appreciate the occasional Vampire Weekend song with your exercise, you’ll get an intense, fun workout that really does work.  Since the instructors offer modifications for all the exercises, you can change the moves to fit your needs and keep the challenge as you get stronger.  And because the focus is on form and alignment, these classes are safe to take every day.

    Personally, I love variety in my workouts, so I’m happy to report that the studio offers four different formats:  Mixed Level (core barre class), Principles (form and alignment), Interval (cardio), and Stretch (love this class!).  And if you want to get your groove on to Swan Lake or the Chairman’s Waltz from Memoirs of a Geisha, be sure to stop by for ballet (which is separate).

  • Tam M.

    But [TDM] is not just any workout, it has helped me build and maintain proper all-over strength from core to legs to arms.  I know it’s been the #1 reason why I’m able to be so agile in this second pregnancy while having a toddler running around.  Below summarizes my top 3 reason you should try TDM Newport Beach.

    1) It’s hard!
    I want to sweat when I’m working out. I’ve been going since January and each day is still very challenging.  I’m building strength in the right places to maintain healthy back, knees and core, all necessary when bending over and carrying a 20+ pounder.

    2) Supportive staff
    Everyone there knows your name.  I sometimes go to yoga at another studio and I’m just another face.  I like the connection and the community that Taryn and her staff give to their clients.

    I really couldn’t do this without their childcare services. I know a lot of gyms offer childcare but often times they are mixed ages and the ratio is high.  TDM is really the only studio setting that I know of that offers childcare.  They keep the ratio low and Taryn takes great care in choosing her childcare staff.  My LO loves going and has made a lot of friends (and so have I!).  I love that this is something for me but I know it’s something for her to enjoy too


  • Linda E.

    Sometimes the movements are so small that I wonder how they could be effective…then my quivering muscles remind me!  At the end of the hour I feel calm, but stronger. This is the best exercise program I have ever experienced, and I truly look forward to going each day. The instructors are highly trained and motivating as they explain in detail each and every move you make all while they play great music which makes the 60 minute workout so much fun!  With every class they encourage you to do your best and give it your all. They will discretely come to you during an exercise to help you correct your position. They will assist in modifications if you find a particular exercise challenging or if you have an injury.  Every instructor and every class is different. It is never boring and no two classes are alike. Every time I leave class I feel energized and stronger. My posture has improved and I am seeing definition in my arms, legs and stomach.

  • To all the Wonderful Instructors at The Dailey Method:  In just a month’s time, I have seen amazing results from your program!  I have taken 15 classes in 30 days and my seat has been reduced by 1 inch, my waist by 1/2 inch and my calves by 1/4 inch.  Each instructor has their niche which keeps the classes energizing and engaging.  I love the results I have seen so far and I look forward to continuing my health journey at The Dailey Method as I feel exactly what your company mantra is: fitter, leaner and stronger. Thank you for pushing me but also for the individual support as I feel it is not just a class but a supportive network of women to help others empower themselves!

  • Carol K.

    From the personal greeting at the door, to the outstandingly beautiful, clean studio and locker room, I feel like I’ve found a fitness treasure! The Mixed Level class is perfect for anyone! The instructors take great care to ensure fresh, motivating, healthy workouts with engaging (fun) music.  The workouts are always changing with an emphasis on proper form and alignment. They are addicting, fun, and your body rewards you with increased energy, improved posture and feeling leaner and stronger.  I’ve been attending for 4 months and I look forward to each class. I can’t say enough about the wonderful instructors, staff and management.  If you haven’t attended class at this fabulous location, what are you waiting for?! Truly, as good as it gets!

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