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Lake Forest
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Welcome to The Dailey Method Lake Forest

We’re ready to help you transform your life. The Dailey Method is the fastest way to a strong, lean, sculpted body. Combining the best of Pilates, yoga, and ballet barre training, our classes are an ever-evolving mix of movement that offer extreme benefits for body and mind. Our classes are driven by fitness research and our students’ needs. We offer individualized attention in a group setting to give you the strength, discipline, and joy to find ultimate alignment.

In addition, our studio now offers Dailey Cycle, the bike-to-barre class that gives you more. Using The Dailey Method’s signature focus on alignment and form, this class delivers a balanced, full body workout resulting in a fun, high-calorie burn.


Studio Owner
Tina Anderson
Tina Anderson

Tina discovered The Dailey Method while living in San Francisco – she had plateaued from years of long distance running and suddenly found muscles she never knew she had. When she decided to leave SF to move to Chicago to be with her husband and family, she knew she couldn’t leave her love for TDM. She trained under Jill Dailey in San Francisco, and started teaching in the Bucktown location once it opened in 2009. It wasn’t too long after teaching that she realized it wasn’t just teaching, the energy of the studio, or the Method that changed her life, but her students- which is what motivated her to open her own studio here in Lake Forest. “Our Method continues to amaze me – the results I’ve seen in students is unbelievable – from students who’ve never worked out before, to professional athletes, to students recovering from injuries – there is a visible difference in not just their bodies, but the way their carry themselves and feel.” says Tina. “I look forward to helping the men and women of all ages in Lake Forest achieve their fitness goals – getting longer, leaner, stronger, and more fit!” The introduction of Dailey Cycle in 2014 is even more exciting for Tina- she is thrilled to be able to fuse her love for cardiovascular activity with the Dailey Method alignment principles for the safest high energy seat-kicking workout out there!

We love you to the core!
We love you to the core!
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Customer Story

“With the dedicated teachers encouraging me, I find myself doing things that I never thought I would be able to do. It is a wonderful feeling!”

– Stacey Baumeister
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Keep & Grow
Keep & Grow

We want your feedback! It is part of our Dailey practice to always being a student. We give a positive comment (KEEP) along with a constructive one (GROW) to our fellow instructors. Now we ask you to do the same for us so we can continue to provide excellent classes and service.

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