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    We thank you for your loyalty. See more below.
2766 East Bidwell St.
Folsom CA , 95630
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    Dear Loyal Dailey Method Students:
    Dear Loyal Dailey Method Students:

    Our Folsom location has been closed and we hope to serve your community again in the near future.  If you are interested in franchising or have any questions, please contact us at info@thedaileymethod.com.

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    Thank you for supporting The Dailey Method.

    What is The Dailey Method?

    Smart, welcoming, authentic, purposeful, passionate, fun, committed. If it sounds like a great date, that’s because it is. We embrace the ultimate in exercise science giving you the confidence to know you are participating in the safest, most effective workout on the planet.

    What makes us different?
    What makes us different?

    We are passionate about alignment. We ignite awareness through hands-on training and education. The result is better posture, better movement, and a more complete workout. We do in a single class what takes others a week.

    It’s simple, but revolutionary. Proper alignment radiates outward from the spine, bringing balance. When we start with alignment the muscles engage in their correct positions, elongating, contracting, strengthening. Other workouts focus on movement first, they have you spinning your wheels, working harder than you need to, and never really balancing the body for optimal fitness and safety. The Dailey Method helps you work smarter.

    The Dailey Method wasn’t started with venture capital or run by a corporation. It was a community effort that caught fire solely through word of mouth. People took the class (loved it) and told their friends, who told their friends and so on. Beyond the workout, it’s the supportive teachers and community atmosphere that sets The Dailey Method apart. Unlike a traditional large fitness class, clients receive individual education and 1-on-1 attention. The practice helps ground and center clients to transform their minds and bodies. That is all considered part of the hands-on holistic approach that makes the Dailey difference.  Still looking for answers, Learn More about our signature method.


    Keep & Grow
    Keep & Grow

    We want your feedback! It is part of our Dailey practice to always being a student. We give a positive comment (KEEP) along with a constructive one (GROW) to our fellow instructors. Now we ask you to do the same for us so we can continue to provide excellent classes and service.

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