In September 2007, The Dailey Method and its results driven program revolutionized working out in the Chicago area as the first Dailey Method studio to open outside of Northern California in the quaint downtown area of Naperville. Located at the historical 5th Avenue Station building, this spacious studio offers convenient class times, spa-like locker rooms, convenient and ample parking as wells as onsite childcare. Our experienced staff is skilled at helping students of all fitness levels achieve their personal goals in an attentive, encouraging and friendly atmosphere.

The Naperville studio was opened by Colleen Patrino in partnership with The Dailey Method. In January of 2012, Michelle Waranoski, one of Naperville’s first teachers, partnered with Colleen to ensure all client needs would be met as the two expanded north with a second studio in Wheaton.

Colleen completed a Master teacher certification program under the direction of Jill Dailey McIntosh and has personally experienced how profoundly this method can transform lives from the inside out. She truly believes that The Dailey Method enables people to focus inwardly during the hour-long class, which promotes stronger body confidence that helps create a sense of peace and inner strength.

Michelle’s interest in fitness was inspired by 15+ years of ballet practice and a love of dance that followed her into adulthood. She has been a group fitness teacher since 1991 and became a student of Lotte Berk inspired exercise in 2004. Over the course of becoming a certified Pilates teacher, she gained an abundance of knowledge in both anatomy and the study of mechanics of body movements. With Michelle’s rich history in choreography and fitness instruction combined with her extensive background in anatomy and kinesiology makes her partnership with Colleen is a natural fit. Her experience marries well with The Dailey Method’s scientific approach toward exercise and fitness.

Reservations can be made up to one week in advance. A current class or package in our system is required. They can be made using our Online Reservation System or by calling the studio directly. Cancellations are allowed up to 30 minutes prior to each class. If you do not show and a cancellation is not received, your account will be deducted one class. If you are on an unlimited month package, a day will be deducted for each absence.

Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. Preferably not too loose or baggy so teachers are able to see your alignment and form. Socks are required and we sell our trademark Dailey Method grip socks at the studio.


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5th Avenue Station
200 E. 5th Avenue • Naperville, IL
Phone: 630.579.6162
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Reservation Policy

New To The Dailey Method?

There are two new specials that are available to first-time students: Unlimited Month Special for $100 and 3 Classes For $45. Both packages provide the opportunity to get a feel for our class at a discounted rate. Most people find the Unlimited Month Special is the best way to really learn the class and see the amazing results it can provide over a 30-day period. These specials can only be purchased online or at the studio. If you'd like to sign-up in advance, please follow these steps.

1. Visit our Online Reservation System.

2. Purchase a single class for $20, or any other option. You cannot make a reservation without having a current class or package in your online profile.

3. Register with the Online Reservation System.

4. Reserve a class.

5. Arrive 10-15 minutes early on your first day to sign waiver and become familiar with the studio. Please let the teacher know it is your first class.

6. We offer two "New Client Specials". Most students purchase the Unlimited Month Special for $100 to learn the basics of the class and see the results it can provide. The Unlimited Month Special begins the day of your first class and lasts for 30 days. The other option is to buy the New Client 3-Class Package for $45.



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