Get Ready to Align & Shine!
September 11th - October 10th, 2017
GreenIcons_01-01 You are tasked with completing a different challenge each day, targeting both mind and body, while also completing 4 TDM workouts per week, in-studio or online.
GreenIcons_01-02Eat real, whole foods for 4 weeks. Program includes a start-up guide, 3-day meal plan, and access to videos to nourish your body in the best way possible. Want to take your health to the next level, join The 30 Clean Challenge.
GreenIcons_01-03Join our Live Facebook Q&A with Jill Dailey on April 26 at 6pm PST. Plus, receive weekly emails with fit tips, recipes, and more inspiration to help you find your focus and keep you burning bright!
GreenIcons_01-04Join our online Facebook and Instagram community to be inspired and be an inspiration! Post photos of your progress regularly with #livingadaileylife

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